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Poster abstracts should be submitted for research that is in early development and for which only tentative evidence is available at this point. The scientific committee might also decide that some symposia papers or open papers are more appropriate for the poster sessions. Specific details about the poster format will be provided after poster presentations are accepted.

List of accepted posters

Aniya, Mika

The effect of the emotional suppression on the false memory

Arendt, Kristian

Specificity and sensitivity of Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale and Child Anxiety Life Interference Scale

Baban, Adriana

Measurement of motivation for change as a prediction for the success of Low intensity CBT treatment for anxiety and/or depression

Bora, Carmen Hortansia

How do young people belief system could influence the future of Europe?

Bouvard, Martine

Assessment of the Memory and Cognitive Confidence Scale (MACCS) in patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and in non-clinical participants

Brezovar, Simon

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in patient with severe language difficulties: A case of 61-years old woman with primary progressive aphasia

Calinici, Mirela Simona

Virtual patient in the clinician’s education

Calinici, Mirela Simona

An integrative model of inner psychological resources open to development to predict life satisfaction

Cazanescu, Diana

Irrational beliefs, savoring and depressive symptoms

Chae, Jeong-Ho

The effect of mindfulness meditation based group eclectic therapy on positive psychological features in outpatients with Depressive Disorder and Anxiety Disorder

David, Oana

The evidence-based status of Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching and future directions

David, Oana

Applying CBT based stress management strategies in real life: The “PsyPills” app

Devynck, Faustine

What is the relationship between alcohol use and repetitive negative thinking? A systematic review of the literature

Dindelegan, Camelia Maria

The efficiency of a CBT intervention programme in reducing depressive symptoms in elderly patients

Dobre, Stefana

Does knowledge matter? Research on the effects of parental knowledge and expectations on the severity of children symptoms and therapeutic outcome

Erhan, Eugenia

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety Disorders from an integrative perspective

Erichev, Alexander

Early maladaptive schemas in patients with paranoid Schizophrenia and Schizotypal Disorder

Fodor, Liviu-Andrei

The effectiveness of virtual reality based interventions for anxiety and depression: A meta-analysis

Galfano, Giovanni

Impaired inhibitory control as a potential transdiagnostic factor in eating disorders: A Retrieval-Induced Forgetting study

Gaweda, Lukasz

Cognitive biases, but not adult attachment styles, mediate the relationship between the risk of psychosis and traumatic life events: A non-clinical study

Gaweda, Lukasz

A brief and reliable assessment of cognitive distortions the continuum of psychosis? A Polish 18-item version of the Davos Assessment of Cognitive Biases Scale (DACOBS-18)

Gaweda, Lukasz

The relationship between cognitive biases and social functioning in Schizophrenia

Gratie, L.

Embedding positive education into mathematics courses

Hopsitar, Calin Alexandru

The effect of emotional regulation strategies on shame in adolescents with depressive symptoms

Huh, Hyu Jung

 How are different attachment types related to grief response? A mediating role of rumination in traumatic loss of Sewol ferry accident

Jucan, Andrada

Rationale and study design of an evidence-based gamified mHealth intervention for weight management in young adults with disordered eating: A placebo-controlled, randomized trial

Jurchis, Razvan

Implicit learning of emotionally-loaded cognitive structures: Implications for CBT theories

Kharkwal-Fistarol, Meena

To do or not to do: That is the question

Kira, Yugo

A school-based universal program to prevent late adolescent depression in Japan: Effectiveness of social skills training for long-term depression reduction

Lita, Stefan

Psychometric properties of the Cognitive Triad Inventory in a sample of Romanian military population

Lysiak, Malgorzata

The Dialogical Temporal Chair Technique: An experimental version of helping procedure

Lysiak, Malgorzata

Personality traits and styles of coping with stress among elderly people

Lysiak, Malgorzata

Early maladaptive schemas in cluster C personality features

Lysiak, Malgorzata

Polish adaptation of Monika Ardelt's Three-Dimensional Wisdom Scale (3D-WS)

Lysiak, Malgorzata

Personality traits and styles of coping with stress among elderly people

Macik, Dorota

Temperament, parental attitudes and early maladaptive schemas in cluster C personality features

Macik, Dorota

Early maladaptive schemas’ domains in selected personality disorders within B and C clusters – multidimensional scaling approach

Macik, Dorota

Sense of security, personal resilience and health locus of control among elderly people (60-75)

Marian, Mihai

Adolescents’ extremist mind-set, personality and irrational beliefs

Masunaga K. / Sugiura Y

The moderating effect by well-being and gratitude of the relationships between negative meta-cognitive beliefs and anxiety/depression in Japan

Matsumoto, Noboru

Overgeneral autobiographical memory in people with past depression: Effects of cue self-relevance and cue valence

Medrano, Leonardo Adrian

The contribution of academic satisfaction on life satisfaction and subjective well-being among Argentinean university students

Mispireta, Pedro Reyes

Supervision and self-application of REBT/TC in psychotherapist training

Mispireta, Pedro Reyes

REBT & CT with couples

Miyazaki, Kyuichi

Examination of a metacognitive model for obsessive compulsive tendencies in university students

Moretti, Luciana Sofia

Effectiveness of a cognitive-behavioral intervention on chronic pain patients from Córdoba (Argentina)

Mostafa, Zarean

Emotional intelligence: Links with basic human values and personality

Mostafa, Zarean

Useful or harmful? Infant smartphone use

Nakamura, Arisa

Function of equanimity in anger situation

Nielsen, Tine Lind

Cognitive behavioral intervention for youths with Anxiety Disorders and problematic school absenteeism

Pisula, Agnieszka

Use of infographics in CBT education

Popov, Stanislava

Unconditional self-acceptance and self-esteem as predictors of mental health

Prefit, Alice

Negative affect, emotion regulation and disordered eating

Prentice, Jennifer

Public stigma related to problem gambling in a Canadian community sample: An examination of individual difference factors

Prentice, Jennifer / Allan Lauren / Dobson Keith S.

Subtypes of rumination in a sample of previously depressed women: Associations between brooding, pondering, acceptance and cognitive-behavioural avoidance

Riaz, Maryam

Leadership styles and the Pygmalion effect among banking employees

Roseanu, Gabriel

European Identity issues and attitudes related to Romanian youths’ view on Europe 2038

Rueda, B.

Quality of Life among patients with mental disorders: The negative impact of stressful life events, psychological inflexibility and depressive symptoms

Sargin, Ahmet

The effect of submissive acts on marital satisfaction

Shahbaz, Kanwal

Spiritual wellbeing: Neurological deficits and chronical illnesses

Shigematsu, Jun

The effect of “Impasse” in problem solving process: Experimental research based on a viewpoint of “Total conviction”

Shin, Min-Sup

A randomized clinical trial of computerized cognitive behavioral training using smart-toy for improving cognitive abilities in children aged 5-7

Shiokawa, Marika

The effect of keeping silence on creativity

Sipos, Roxana

Child psychiatrists attitudes toward using online assessment and psychotherapy in Anxiety Disorders

Stefan, Simona

Are computerized cognitive trainings effective? A qualitative review of working memory in older adults

Stjerneklar, Silke

A feasibility study of an internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy intervention for adolescents with Anxiety Disorders

Suh, Da Eun

Prevalence and features of spontaneous recurrent images among South Koreans with Social Anxiety

Suma, Merve

The difference of schema activation between depression and anxiety disorder patients

Tamasiro, Kazusa

Rumination promote making a "fact"

Tecuta, Lucia

Irrational beliefs, cognitive distortions and depressive symptomatology in an Italian college-age sample

Tomba, Elena

Computer and internet-based treatment of eating disorders: An AMSTAR review

Trip, Simona

Social emotional learning programs addressing bullying and radicalization in school

Vukosavljevic-Gvozden Tatjana

Does the process of maturing decreases the intensity of irrationality: The difference between depressive and non-depressive persons

Vukosavljevic-Gvozden Tatjana

Irrational beliefs, automatic thoughts and early traumatic experiences in psychotic and nonpsychotic forms of Major Depressive Disorder

Yasar, Alisan Burak

“Looking at inside from outside” technique: Model study

Yorulmaz, Orcun

The mediator role of individuation/separation on the relationships of personality and attachment with psychological adjustment


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