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The conference social program includes:

  • Welcome reception on Wedenesday, 28th of June (free to all participants).
  • Romanian evening and Galla dinner on Friday, 30th of June (fee required).
  • Visit to Turda salt mine for the IACP board members and for the keynote and workshop presenters. We also recommed to all participants to arrange a visit to this place, as it is an unique place and very close to Cluj-Napoca (to do so you can ask the travel agencies from the offers below).
  • City center tour.

To fully benefit from your trip to Romania, we highly recommend you to visit some of the fantastic places in this country (e.g., the Danube Delta, the Dracula-related trips, the famous Romania monasteries, the Transylvania medieval cities, the traditional areas like Maramures, etc.). Please see bellow our selection of one day tours that have place during the Congress, or dates close to it, which will allow you to see some of the most iconic places in Transylvania:

Natural miracles in Turda and Rîmetea – 28th of June

  Today’s journey is going to take us to some of Transylvania’s most enchanting impressive underground treasures, to the Salt Mine of Turda, the Natural Reserve of „Turda Gorges” and the medieval mining center of Rimetea. Prepare yourselves for a great journey filled with lovely traditions, exciting stories and breathtaking landscapes.

A trip to the two Transylvanian capitals (Alba-Iulia and Sibiu) – 29th of June


Today’s journey is about discovering two milestones in the Transylvanian history: Alba Iulia and Sibiu. With century old traditions, both cities are „must see”s when visiting Romania.

Discover the wooden paradise of the Maramureş – 30th of June


Today’s journey is going to take us to Maramureş, one of Romania’s the most traditional regions. It is very well known, in particular because of the wood-culture and the many ethnic minorities living here for centuries. The dense forests – the Carpathian Mountains used to be called “the Forest Mountains – have been the source of livelihood for many generations. Each and every house and church used to be built out of wood, as woodcarving is still one of the most popular occupations in this area. Almost each and every house has a wooden gate, a loom and a small bank, were people gather every evening to catch up with the latest gossip, play cards or weave.

UNESCO World Heritage in Transylvania – 1st of July


Today we will visit two of the most spectacular sites in Transylvania: the unspoiled medieval city of Sighişoara and the picturesque village Viscri (home to “the Mihai Eminescu Trust”, HRH Prince Charles’ project in Transylvania).

Roşia Montană & Brad - a story with Romans, gold mines and big mysteries... – 2nd of July


Today we will travel to one of the most beautiful regions in the country, the Apuseni Mountains, the western part of the Carpathian Mountains and go on a thrilling quest for gold. We will depart from Cluj in the morning and drive towards the Western part of the Carpathian Mountains. These are some of the wildest and most spectacular mountains in Romania and have attracted the interest of all neighbor populations, since the age of the Roman Empire until modern times. The main reason for that are the huge gold and silver reserves that are hidden here. The first one to discover it were the Romans, who came in the second century AC to conquer this region. Legend has it thatusing the gold they took from here, they were able to finance “the column of Traian” in Rome. In Roşia Montană hundreds of kilometers of Roman galleries have survived until today and one can still visit some of them today.In the center of the city we will see the reformed and orthodox churches, some of the miner’s houses and the former headquarters of the mining company.

Contact and reservations

For these tours and others one-day or longer tours please contact our partners at:

  • Traian Almasan
  • (+4)-0745-555-077
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You might also want to visit the Bran Castle near the city of Brașov, related to the legend of Dracula and historically linked to Vlad Țepeș (Vlad the Impaler). We have more turistic recommandation on the other pages dedicated to Romania, Transylvania, and Cluj-Napoca.


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