Roşia Montană & Brad - a story with Romans, gold mines and big mysteries... – 2nd of July


Today we will travel to one of the most beautiful regions in the country, the Apuseni Mountains, the western part of the Carpathian Mountains and go on a thrilling quest for gold. We will depart from Cluj in the morning and drive towards the Western part of the Carpathian Mountains. These are some of the wildest and most spectacular mountains in Romania and have attracted the interest of all neighbor populations, since the age of the Roman Empire until modern times. The main reason for that are the huge gold and silver reserves that are hidden here. The first one to discover it were the Romans, who came in the second century AC to conquer this region. Legend has it thatusing the gold they took from here, they were able to finance “the column of Traian” in Rome. In Roşia Montană hundreds of kilometers of Roman galleries have survived until today and one can still visit some of them today.In the center of the city we will see the reformed and orthodox churches, some of the miner’s houses and the former headquarters of the mining company.
The mining activity has continued throughout the centuries, until it was shut down because of environmental issues at the end of the 20th century. There is a big controversy nowadays about the reopening of the mines and resuming the mining activity which would create new jobs for the local community but also could have a huge negative environmental impact. Over the few past years there have been a lot of debates regarding this situation. We invite you to talk to the locals and find out more about this program and also to take a hike to the mountains surrounding the small city and enjoy a great panorama over the whole area.
We will enjoy a delicious picnic/lunch at a local hostel and then depart for Brad. The former mining city hosts a fantastic museum, dedicated to the gold from the Apuseni Mountains. One can visit not only old maps and tulles used in the past, but also different varieties of gold, estimated at over 3 million euro, only in this museum…
In the evening we will return to Cluj.

Early bird (until the 25th of June): 55 euro/person
Last minute price (after the 26th, in the limit of places): 70 euro/person
Departure: 8 AM, City Plaza Hotel
Return: aprox. 7 PM
Price includes:
- English speaking guide
- transportation in modern bus with AC
- all entrance fees
- picnic/lunch
*in case of any food preferences or allergies, please let us know

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